Cyberbullying is prevalent among young people. Victims of bullying suffer from psychological, emotional, and physical hurt and in serious cases, suicide. This has been a great concern for Singapore Children’s Society, who promotes the well-being of children.

Children and youths of today are tech-savvy, and especially proficient with social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and many others. But what these youths aren’t aware of, is the prevalence of cyberbullying, how it goes easily unnoticed and the fact that they could be a bully, a victim or a bystander unknowingly.

FILTHER, as the name suggests, filters out the filth from one’s social media feed, through an automated detection system. Integrated seamlessly with social media platforms, the user is now empowered with a setting which she can choose to turn on, or off.

With FILTHER being turned on, comments and posts containing malicious content directed to the user will be rejected. The attacker will be notified of the failed attempt. FILTHER will appear as a button switch, simple and easy enough for youths to switch on, to start protecting themselves. It is highly deployable and seamless, it will not affect the user experience of any  social media platform.


2015 Cannes Young Lions Competitions in Singapore
Silver by Sean Tan, 2019