SPCA Fortunemoji

During the Lunar New Year, everyone loves having their fortunes told. Since 2018 was the Year of the Dog, SPCA Singapore took the chance to create awareness for the animals at the shelter. Using Apple’s latest Face ID recognition system, we turned a human fortune-teller into an Animoji – Master Dog! We presented Fortunemoji – the world’s first fortune-telling show hosted by a dog!

Throughout our one-hour livestream on Facebook, many viewers eagerly left questions about their love life, health, wealth and more.

We displayed these questions for other viewers to see as Master Dog answered them in real-time.

While bringing them prosperous tidings, Master Dog also invited participants to share their good fortune with his furry friends at the shelter, directing them to the SPCA website.

Even after the session, Fortunemoji continued to attract attention, with many enquiring about when Master Dog would be back.

In the build-up to Fortunemoji, we introduced Master Dog through a series of videos. Turning on the charm, we see him interacting with other animals of the Chinese zodiac, dispensing New Year trivia and tips. And of course, he invited viewers to tune in to the session.


D&AD Wooden Pencil
Crafts for Design / Typography for Design

some.work by Sean Tan, 2019