To announce the opening of UNIQLO’s first ever flagship store in Singapore and Southeast Asia, we were tasked to develop a launch campaign that would inspire Singaporeans to pursue their dreams. This idea was coined in the phrase “YOUR STAGE. NOW LIVE.” and encouraged Singaporeans to show the rest of the world their talents.

The campaign visuals brought this to life with a multi-racial and multi-generational cast of 9 Singaporeans, each selected for the dedication shown towards their passion. Each talent was shown in their element, and styled with UNIQLO items that would enable their active lifestyle.

On the campaign website, we invited Singaporeans to express themselves in any way they like, and upload their entries onto Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, with the hashtag #YourStageNowLive. This amassed a huge amount of user-generated content that is displayed on the campaign website.

some.work by Sean Tan, 2019